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Disaster 101: Basic Disaster Ministry Training



Process: There is a big emergency management process and it's important to understand where we - individuals and the church --  fit in that process.
Partnerships: Working in partnership with each other as well as other responding organizations allows us to be more effective in our response and our recovery.
Planning: The time to plan is before disaster happens. Knowing what to do when is an important part of working in cooperation with our partners.

You and your church will learn how to respond effectively to disaster in your community in collaboration with other churches, emergency management officials and the Disaster Recovery Ministry of the conference. You will understand the importance of communication and coordination in meeting the needs of disaster survivors and the importance of being the church in the midst of crisis. The part the faith community plays in disaster preparation, response and recovery.

The focus is on learning the importance of working within the emergency management process, you'll also get practical steps to begin developing your church plan. the value of partnerships and the need to have a plan. 

There is no cost for this training; registration is required for planning purposes.